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How to Craft a Comprehensive Dental Marketing Plan ?

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How to Craft a Comprehensive Dental Marketing Plan ?

How to Craft a Comprehensive Dental Marketing Plan

So how do you start to develop a broad, well-rounded dental marketing plan? Follow these steps:

Establish a vision for your practice. Begin with a vision statement. Simply put, a vision statement is your practice’s road map. It provides a direction for growth based on economic foresight.

Create a mission statement. Whereas your vision statement will outline where you want to go, your mission statement should clearly state which markets or patients you will serve and how. It guides the business-related actions of your practice.

Identify your target audience and how you’ll communicate with them. Profile who your prospective patients are and detail what their needs are. Flesh out the tactics and mediums you will use to grab their attention. For example, women are typically the target market because they tend to make the majority of decisions in their households. And our research shows traditional newsletters consistently generate more business than postcards or other types of advertisements.

Set a budget. It’s necessary to earmark a percentage of your projected revenue to fund your marketing initiatives. If your practice is new, that could mean using a slice of your start-up funds or self-financing it.

Project long-term goals. While your marketing plan needs to outline short- and mid-term goals, it’s wise to plan for the future as your practice grows. If, for instance, your goal is to expand your practice dramatically over a five-year period, what steps will you take along the way to get there? Furthermore, how can your marketing plan support that vision, and how will it be adjusted accordingly? These longer-term goals need to be defined and as do the marketing activities that will help you get there.

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